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About Us

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mission Statement

To touch with our wealth the lives of all those we come across Economically, Morally and Socially while remaining well focused in our diverse business interests in Power Support Solutions, Petroleum Services, Spares, Projects & Materials Management and Food & Beverage.

Our Goal

We set out to be a successful business conglomerate ranking high amongst the key players in any of the industries in which we have interest. We will remain flexible, identify and share risks for increased market penetration not only in Nigeria and the West African Sub-region but also in Africa, Europe, The Americas, Middle East and Asia as we daily explore world wide potentials.

Our Board is composed of successful professionals from diverse occupational background with commitment to top quality and addiction for excellence. Our corporate policy is to excel in our diverse areas of operations ensuring clients satisfaction first time, on time, every time.

Technical Partnership: In our efforts to sustain our corporate policy of high standards and to retain a sizeable share of our local market, we constantly associate with professionals from whom we can avail ourselves with modern technologies and new inventions and sometimes sign on technical partnership.

Our Core Values

Fairness and Respect for People

People are the centre of all our business relationships. Accordingly every APICE person will have respect for and and be fair to all parties in all business dealings.

Loyalty and Dedication

APICE will be loyal and dedicated to all business associates, staff and Government of all countries of operation and these will be manifested in our words and acts. We shall be selfless, steadfast, go the extra mile, remain extremely committed to tasks, defending our corporate interests and exhibiting a strong sense of corporate pride.

Integrity and Accountability

Our business and personal conduct will be transparent with all sense of responsibility and high sense of integrity.

Professionalism and Excellent Service Delivery

We will conduct our business in the most professional manner with constant backup service and support in a manner never offered before.


All information regarding our business, clients, strategies and operations shall be treated with strict confidence. We shall not divulge information to any third party except as may be required by the laws applicable in the countries in which we operate.

Our Approach

Establish relationships with like minds (by way of affiliation, franchise, sole agency etc.) in Africa, Europe, America and the Far East for effective market and products representation and penetration.

Understand in-depth knowledge of partners' country's financial and operating systems and government regulations

Ensure good communication flow for smooth and risk free operation.

Undertake well proven risk/reward analysis based on consumer goals.

Secure broad based customers ranging from local companies, individuals to large multinationals.

Continually open new markets for sellers and simultaneously make goods readily available to buyers.

Committed to expand product types and markets to increase customer sales.

Place total emphasis on customers and suppliers satisfaction at all times.

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